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Durbin Machine Inc.
101 Airline Ave.
Portland, CT. 06480
Phone (860) 342-1602
Fax (860) 342-1538
Email gil@durbinmachine.com

About Durbin Machine Inc.

Durbin Machine Inc. was started up in 1975. It began In the Basement of our family's home as a way to make some extra money after hours. As time went on those extra hours turned into a full time venture. In 1984 we moved out of the family basement and into the basement of an industrial building. Finally outgrowing the basements we moved to our present location in Portland. That happened in 1989, and in November of that year we incorporated. The business has been good to us. We have enjoyed moderate growth over the years allowing us to acquire new and modern equipment regularly.

Thank you,

Gil Durbin Jr.
President Durbin Machine Inc.
E-Mail: gil@durbinmachine.com

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